International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day 2023


The Glasladies Beer Society, a local beer appreciation group for women and non-binary people, has collaborated with Hidden Lane Organic Brewery to produce a beer in celebration of International Women’s Day.  

Group members gathered at the brewery in Finnieston over the weekend to brew a citrus weissbier together with Rachel Suttle, Director at Hidden Lane Organic Brewery and under the direction of Head Brewer, Pete Hannington.

This collaboration is part of the Unite International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day (IWCBD), a worldwide annual event that takes place on 8 March each year in conjunction with International Women’s Day. Now in its 10th year, the IWCBD project is a fabulous opportunity for brewsters and home brewsters of the world to unite, learn, network, and make friends.

Although it’s the first time the Glasladies and Hidden Lane Brewery have participated in this project, the two have worked together before on a collaboration series that saw the Glasladies team up with seven local breweries ahead of their inaugural festival last May. 

Rachel Suttle, Director at Hidden Lane Brewery says, “It’s been fantastic to work on our second collab project with the Glasladies Beer Society. It seemed fitting again to brew around International Women’s Day, but this time in association with IWCBD. It gives even more emphasis on the goal to spread the word beer is inclusive! The whole project was a collaborative effort that involved group members at every step of the way, from picking the style and ingredients, to the naming of the beer and making sure it gets to pubs and bottle shops so that everyone can enjoy it.”

This was the first time brewing for group members Laura SB and Jacqueline H. Laura outlines why she joined the society and participated in the brew day. “The group is an opportunity for me to do something for myself, outside of work and caring responsibilities. The range of social events organised is extremely appealing as well as the chance to talk about what unites us all - beer! I had a brilliant time at the IWCBD brew day with Hidden Lane Brewery. Can't think of a better way to spend a day than getting hands on brewing experience with a group of friendly, supportive, beer-loving folk.”

Jacqueline adds, “What an amazing experience. Women brewing beer together in a female led brewery. Head brewer Pete was so welcoming and wonderful with sharing his expertise with us all. Can't wait to try the finished product.”

The collab brew aptly named “Fight For Our Weisse'' is scheduled for release next month with the official launch party at Koelschip Yard on 20 April 2023. The beer will be available on tap and the event is open to all members of the public. 

Rachel Suttle adds, “The Glasladies have been instrumental in helping small breweries like ours get a hook into the local markets. We are very excited to have the launch at a prominent southside beer venue and hope that folk will come along to sample the collab and take the opportunity to learn more about the group and their goals.”

The brew day was just one of many events that the Glasladies had lined up to celebrate International Women’s Day. Group members were invited to Fyne Ales Brewery where the Marketing Lead, Aidy Fenwick (who is also part of the society) talked them through a tasting and showed them around the brewery and the farm.  In addition, this month’s meetup was held at Inn Deep Pub in Glasgow’s west end. Prior to the meet up, the group had worked with the bar management to specifically source beers from women owned/led breweries to feature on tap for the occasion. The line up included Queer Brewing, Siren Craft Beer, Wild Card Brewery, Duration Brewing, Fierce Brewery and Fyne Ales. 

Nix Prabhu, the group’s founder, hopes that events like the brew day and brewery visit get more women and non-binary people excited about beer and brewing. She founded the group in 2019 with an aim to provide a safe and inclusive space in an otherwise male dominated industry. 

“We’ve come a long way, but still have many miles to go in order to achieve something even remotely resembling equity in this industry”, she says. “Women and non-binary people are a huge consumer market that are still consistently overlooked. A simple example is to count how few breweries advertise “Mother’s Day” specials this month. Then compare and contrast to how many fall over themselves putting out “Father’s Day” adverts. We have over 200 members in our group alone and groups like ours exist all across the UK. Smart breweries should be including us in their marketing outreach. That being said, the last thing we need is something insulting like breweries turning their labels pink in a misguided attempt to pander to women drinkers. Just consider that women drink beer alongside men. It’s that simple.” 

The Society is always open to new members and welcomes women and non-binary people to join the Facebook group and help grow the community. 

For more information, email, or contact us on social media. 

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