March 2022

Collaboration Beer

March's beer is 'Sgoinneil' - a saison brewed by Hidden Lane.

'Sgoinneil' is an organic raspberry and peach saison. It is fruity, crisp and has bags of aroma!

Thanks to everyone at Hidden Lane for inviting a group of us be involved during the brew day. We thoroughly enjoyed taking part!

'Sgoinneil' is a Scots Gaelic word which translates to ‘Amazing’.

Featured Persons

This month we are celebrating some of the amazing female music artists that have a connection to Glasgow.

Lucia Fairfull

Lucia Fairfull, lead vocalist of Lucia & The Best Boys is not only at the forefront of Glasgow’s Glam Renaissance, but also is an unflinching advocate for women in the industry. Having fronted Lucia & the Best Boys for the last few years, and with a successful solo career before that, she is fully aware of the challenges facing female artists in terms of gaining exposure.

Fairfull has been a long outspoken advocate of gender parity in festival and gig line-ups citing “sheer laziness” on the part of organisers that has been the barrier to date.

Fairfull is determined to do whatever she can to correct this imbalance and will use all her influence to light the way for the next generation of female musicians.

Rebecca Vasmant

DJ-Producer Rebecca Vasmant is bringing a fresh new twist to dance music with her love of jazz. Vasmant has made a name in Glasgow with her Made In Glasgow and Know The Way parties. She runs a very popular record fair with the Sub Club. Her monthly spot on BBC Radio Scotland deliberately includes contemporary jazz records in an attempt to bridge the gap between this iconic genre and the electronic scene.

Phoebe Inglis-Holmes

Phoebe Inglis-Holmes is a broadcaster, writer, DJ, and record label coadjutor.

Her no-stone-unturned attitude to new music has led to an impressive imprinting of her brand of bass music on some of the world’s hottest underground events and clubs from New York to Paris. In addition, she hosts shows on BBC Radio 6music; BBC Radio 1; BBC Radio Scotland; the BBC Scotland TV channel, and beyond.

Georgia Cécile

Dubbed one of Scotland’s most exciting new music prospects, Georgia Cécile is at the forefront of the jazz revival bringing established sounds and rhythms to a new generation of music lovers. Debuting to high acclaim at the 2019 London Jazz Festival, she topped that by winning “Best Vocalist” at the Scottish Jazz Awards that same year.

Cécile’s music has the rich passion and history of the genre flawlessly executed by a young singer, whose star has only just begun to rise and who will one day be sure to be included in a list of all time greats.

Maya Medvesek

Slovenia-born Glasgow based Maya Medvesek, better known as Nightwave is an internationally established DJ, producer, vocalist, club promoter & label boss

With a punchy signature sound of acid, Chicago house, Detroit techno and electro fused with heady rave nostalgia and hybrid forms of bass and club music, Nightwave is renowned for her energetic and eclectic DJ sets. She has played major clubs and festivals around the world sharing stages with some of the biggest names in electronic music.

Nightwave/Maya is also a passionate advocate for gender equality in the music industry, regularly hosting production and DJ skill classes for girls as young as eight. She also co-runs Producergirls, a free UK workshop for women and has lectured at the EU initiative in Brussels as well as India as a part of British Council’s Women In Electronic Music project.