April 2022

Collaboration Beer

April's beer is 'Collaborate'. It is a German Weisse dry hopped with Cascade and Callista brewed by Simple Things Fermentations.

In keeping with the theme of this series, we also dub it 'Treun', a Scots Gaelic word which translates to ‘Brave’, in honour of this month's featured Glasgow hero, St Enoch.

Standing at the crossroads of traditional wheat beer and IPA, this beer is a harmonious meeting of styles, ingredients, minds and people. Cascade and Callista hops combine with German yeast esters to create a full-bodied, fruity hit.

A floral, fruity hop punch compliments the typical banana and clove aromas of a Weisse beer; it’s an intensely flavoursome yet carefully balanced beer with honey malt sweetness at its core. Moderate bitterness and a light, crisp finish make for a tasty and refreshing beer.

Thanks to all at Simple Things Fermentations for inviting a group of us be involved during the brew day. A great day was had by all.

Featured Person

Mural of St Enoch created by Street Artist Smug - it can be found on a gable end on High Street, Glasgow.

Photo credit - Kunal Mundul

St Enoch

Also known as Theneva, Dwynwen, Thaneu, Thaney, Thenaw, Thenew, Thenog, Thenova.

St Enoch was a sixth century Christian Saint who was venerated in the medieval city of Glasgow. She is understood to have been a Brittonic princess in the kingdom of Gododdin, which later became Lothian, and mother of St Kentigern (also known as St Mungo), apostle to the Britons of Strathclyde and founder of the city of Glas Ghu (Glasgow). Enoch and Kentigern are co-patron saints of the city where a medieval chapel built on or near her grave is thought to have existed close to the contemporary St Enoch Square.

The best known story of Enoch is that she became pregnant before marriage whereupon her family threw her from a cliff on the Firth of Forth. She survived the fall unharmed and was taken in by St Serf of Culross who became foster father to Kentigern.

St Enoch is commemorated on 18th July.

Information taken from https://saintenoch.com/